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The Zadeh Lab

Custom Wordpress website to showcase the Zadeh Lab's research.

We designed and built a custom website that acts as a library to showcase the past, present and future research being preformed at the Zadeh Lab at The Toronto Western Hospital.

The team at the Zadeh lab have made strides in understanding how to improve some of the negative side effects associated with brain tumour treatment, understanding how molecular factors influence direction of tumour management, and the impact living with a brain tumour has on a neuro-oncological population. Additionally, the lab has identified drugs that hold promise to be transitioned from clinical trials into clinical practice for patients with malignant brain tumours.

Their website showcases the valuable research that they have been committed to, as well as provides information about the team at the Zadeh Lab. This website provides information to Patients and Doctors.


Special Feature

We integrated a donation CTA that appears on each page of this website and links to the Toronto Western Hospital donation page. This will allow the lab to raise funds to continue their research in tumor treatment.