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We are a team of passionate Toronto based designers and developers, who work together to create something that is outstanding both functionally and aesthetically.

We have a method that has been proven effective throughout our many years of experience. We like to involve our clients as much as we can throughout the entire process and we are open to feedback from the client at all stages of a project. We like to be available to our clients, in person, by phone or by email or even through Skype.

Every project is broken down into tasks, so that special attention can be given to each element. We utilize state of the art client collaboration tools to share ideas, files as well as prioritizing tasks, ultimately managing the project timeline to ensure your project is delivered on time. We guarantee that the most appropriate team member will be in charge of each task from start to finish and provide regular updates, communication and QA approvals every step of the way.

At Shift8, we really enjoy what we do. That’s the reason why we have such exceptional results.

Leadership Team:


Founder & Managing Director

Kevin is co-founder of Shift8 Web. His diverse experience includes over 15 years in systems administration and web development of high profile high traffic web properties with robust geographically redundant network stacks. Being familiar with the full “web stack” from jQuery/Java script frameworks to PHP / Python backend to systems, security and network infrastructure gives an extensive amount of experience to tap into for each project large or small.


Creative Director

Suzanne is co-founder of Shift8 Web. Suzanne has over 10 years of experience in web, graphic and multimedia design fields. She brings a unique, artistic and comprehensive vision to each project. Since its inception, Suzanne has been involved in over 100 successful small, medium and enterprise scale design projects. Complementing her design experience is a diverse background in business development, sales, brand awareness and marketing experience.


Lead Web Designer

While always having a passion for design, Amanda started her career in marketing before transitioning to web design and development. From that time, she learned the importance of fully understanding a brand’s identity, goals, and audience before designing a beautiful site to suit those needs. She’s constantly expanding her skills and creative mindset because no single web solution should fit every client. She loves clean, intuitive design, on and offline.


Technical Lead

Cliff is the Technical Lead at Shift8 Web. With over 15 years of industry experience and a tireless dedication to quality and excellence our valued clients and technical reliability are in good hands with him. Amongst skills Cliff brings are technical project management, and strong architecture abilities. Cliff has brought his abilities to bear in a number of different industries, always being driven by a passion for technology, quality and satisfying clients.


Development Lead

Andrew is a software developer with over 10 years of experience in the video game, embedded systems, and web application industries. His years of experience optimizing code to run on low powered hardware give him a unique perspective when architecting solutions that are scaleable, efficient, and provide the flexibility needed to compete in in today’s fast paced business environment.

At Shift8, we cater to all sorts of businesses in and around Toronto from small, medium, large and enterprise projects. We are comfortable adapting to your existing processes and try our best to compliment communication and collaboration to the point where every step of the way is as efficient as possible.

Our projects are typically broken into 5 or 6 key “milestones” which focus heavily on the design collaboration in the early stages. We mock-up any interactive or unique page within your new website so that you get a clear picture of exactly how your design vision will be translated into a functional website.

Using tools like Basecamp and Redpen, we try to make the process simple yet fun and effective. We will revise your vision as many times as necessary until you are 100% happy, before moving to the functional, content integration and development phases of the project.

For the projects that are more development heavy, we make sure a considerable amount of effort is spent in the preliminary stages of project planning. We strongly believe that full transparency with a project development plan ensures that expectations are met on both sides between us and the client. We want to ensure that the project is broken into intelligent phases with accurate budgetary and timeline breakdowns.

Approved design mock-ups get translated into a browse-ready project site where we revise again and again until you are satisfied. Client satisfaction is our lifeblood and main motivation. We aren’t happy until you are.

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