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St. Michael’s Hospital

Cardiac Awareness Website

Website to raise awareness for people who have witnessed someone having a cardiac arrest

St. Michael’s hospital approached us to develop a web based resource to raise awareness for people who have witnessed someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest. The project included ground-up brand / logo design as well as a method through which end-users could share their stories, contribute to the national dialogue and gain a better understanding of cardiac arrest.

One of the main challenges with this project was to intuitively integrate the content, research and shared stories throughout the site without making it too sparse or too condensed. Being able to easily find what your looking for and navigate through each page was a challenge, which we overcame by maintaining a negative space balance throughout the site.

Branding the initiative

St. Michaels wanted an identifiable logo / brand for this initiative that was separate from the main St. Michael’s brand. The logo would be carried through the different communication objectives across Canada, including lectures, trade shows, information sessions and awareness campaigns.

We offered several brand directions for St. Michael’s designed through extensive collaborative brainstorming sessions. Ultimately we settled on a logo that incorporated the brand message in a simple yet effective way.