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My Gear & Uniform

Web Design & Development

Web Design and E-Commerce development for an online store specializing in sports uniforms.

My Gear & Uniform is a new subsidiary of Midland Clothing Inc. who have been at the forefront in producing the highest quality apparel at a competitive price in Canada for almost 20 years.

The ideas behind this website is to offer teams the ability to design and order their team jerseys online through a simple and easy to navigate system.

We worked closely with several members of the sales and marketing team at Midland to put together an e-commerce website as well as integrate online design and ordering.

Creat Custom Jerseys Online

A large part of this project was integrating a system through WordPress, that allows users to piece together different elements of their team jersey, such as adding logos and specific colours to components of the team jersey, such as shoulders, waist-band and neck-line as well as adding numbers to the back of the jerseys.

The system allows the user to see the composition as they make each design choice. Once these choices are made they are able to place thri order.