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Web Design & Development

Complete overhaul with ground-up design and development for Global Golf Advisors (a KPMG subsidiary)

GGA came to us with a simple (yet complicated to implement) challenge : to completely overhaul and modernize their web presence. Unlike many of our clients that approach us for design projects, GGA’s previous website was using WordPress.

Through a process of constant collaboration, brainstorming and revising, we were able to produce a clean & modern corporate friendly layout. GGA regularly publishes content through their newsletter as well as through the blog section of their website. The large amount of content to work with was a challenge and required us to re-categorize much of their archived content to accommodate new design and filtration capabilities that were developed.

The client was very very happy with the end result and have fully embraced the flexibility of WordPress, choosing to engage us further to custom develop client dashboard solutions and other new features.

Private User Dashboard System

A significant amount of custom functionality was developed for this site including client databases, post filtration systems to name a few.

One of the features that we developed that we are particularly proud of is a secure user dashboard system for GGA clients to interact with. The client wanted a system for their own clients to login as a private portal to share information and centralize the large amount of analytic data that each client would have.

What we developed was a multi-tier privacy focused dashboard system 100% custom. The end-users have all their files, media and content segmented and protected while leveraging the WordPress user authentication and permission system.

As with most of our custom development, if we see an opportunity to give back to the community and share what we’ve learned for others to benefit, we take that opportunity. With this project, we discovered exciting and useful methodologies for protecting WordPress media between users using a custom built cookie authentication and media organization system.