How to transition your Toronto business online

Hello! Without a doubt, the covid-19 pandemic has caused a massive disruption to the global economy including a fundamental shift to how small, medium and large enterprise businesses can conduct their day-to-day operations. The impact of social distancing and other quarantine strategies as dictated by the various health regulatory bodies have had a staggering impact on brick-and-mortar businesses without a doubt. This shift, albeit temporary or more longer term, has put an onus of importance on establishing or improving an online presence. Many grocery stores, butchers and other essential retail businesses have transitioned to an online e-commerce ordering system to accommodate the ability to delivery grocery and goods to their customers. Having an online business can be the deciding factor as to whether you can actually continue operating as a business. Your front doors to your showroom may be closed, but your customers still will be able to browse and […]

Drupal Development : Make a page template for dynamic page requests

Hello! Drupal is a fantastic content management system with an even more fantastic development community. Recently through our own Drupal development projects, we came across a scenario that required the processing of dynamic (i.e. “Wildcard”) page requests to the same drupal page template. If I’ve lost you already , don’t worry! All we are trying to do is ensure the following page request scenarios are served by the same page template : -> page–page1–wildcard.tpl.php -> page–page1–wildcard.tpl.php You can see in the two above scenarios, that the “page1” root request URI is the same, but the subsequent URI requests , “randomrequest1” and “randomrequest2” are different. What happens if you want to use the same page template for both random requests? Easy, you implement a check in the preprocess page hook in template.php! In your drupal theme, you will have a file called template.php. This is where all the pre, […]

Looking for a way to post Toronto Real Estate listings (TREB IDX) on your site?

Greetings! Are you a real estate agent, or a web designer working to develop a dynamic site that automatically pulls TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) listings (or TREB IDX) from their database (with their permission of course) and import it dynamically into the site as a regular daily job? We have been working hard to produce a Python based solution to automatically download listing data, get listing photos, and import it into a content management system all automatically! It is fully customizable to import whatever types of listings you desire. Stay tuned and we will be posting an update to this blog very soon with all the detailed information. UPDATE 07/16/2013 Please check out this post to see our latest update on WordPress TREB integration!

Javascript : Inject HTML Into a page without being disruptive

Greetings! Occasionally it comes up in a project, for many different reasons, to utilize javascript or jquery in a user interaction or user interface design scenario. Usually, with javascript, this can be found in the form of an onmouseover() or onmouseclick() query. Sometimes logic has to be maintained where if certain conditions are met such as a language preference or country of origin, that such choices must change elements or change behaviors within a website. In this scenario, where text or html has to be rewritten after said conditions are met, we have found that the best way to non-destructively dynamically update a page with javascript is to merge a CSS identifier and javascript html insert command : First you will want to identify where on the page you want the update (text or otherwise) to happen :     Then , usually in thetag or wherever appropriate, you define […]

5 Steps for a web designer to learn PHP

In today’s world it is almost essential, in the web design world, for a designer to wear more hats than just graphic and web design. Many projects are likely to involve some sort of custom web programming in order to meet a clients (ever changing) needs and requirements. Because web design is often considered a grey area in terms of its boundaries of responsibility, often depending on the designers own comfort zone and experience, the job of a designer can often bleed into development quite easily. Therefore it is realistic to consider it a competitive advantage for a web designer to have a working knowledge of web friendly programming languages, such as PHP. I created these steps as a guide for web designers to get their respective feet wet and ease into a introductory realm of PHP development : Step 1 : Take an intro to PHP course Find a […]