Brand new company site : shift8 + django

Hello! We have recently completely re-vamped our company website : We have decided to move away from a conventional CMS and towards a web framework called django. Some of the challenges encountered were from a systems administration perspective (nginx + varnish + php-fpm). Other challenges faced were migrating all our content / data into a completely different CMS than what we were used to. Django provides many advantages, namely being a very versatile, customizable, scalable and robust web framework. We created a static html template, integrated the content models and tweaked it until we were happy. I’ll break down the aspects from a high level to give a brief overview of whats involved in transitioning to django models We defined models for as much of the website as possible. Models in django are where you define your dynamically changing data (such as a page title). You can define how […]

New corporate site redesign!

We are very proud to announce the complete ground-up redesign of our corporate website! We have completely redesigned all elements, layout and style from the ground up. We hope you like the new site (we do!). Its important to restructure and redesign your website regularly. By regularly I mean every few years. It completely depends on the existing design and how dated it is, however this is something that is beneficial to your company’s image as well as the organic ranking and traffic that your site may potentially receive after a redesign. There’s nothing like a “refresh” or an “update” to a look, to modernize and take advantage of today’s technologies and trends to keep on top of how your organization is perceived by your leads, customers or visitors in general. All of this goes in line with a streamlined strategy for design and branding. Take a look around, drop […]