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Irwin Toy

Web design for a Canadian Toy company

Irwin Toy has been in the business of distributing and manufacturing toys in Toronto since 1926. We have had the opportunity to create the first ever website for the toy company.

Irwin Toy approached us with the need to create a much needed website to showcase their newest brands and products. By much needed, we mean they never had a website before approaching us! This was a very exciting opportunity for us that allowed us to contribute to the establishment of a web presence for a renowned Canadian brand.

We wanted to design and develop a website that had a playful colour palette and type face. As a balance, we thought it was important that the the design of the website was modern and sophisticated with a slick and easy to navigate user interface.

The client needed to have the ability to update and make changes to the website in the future. For instance when Irwin introduces a brand and wants to be able to distribute it globally, their clients will have all of the information about this brand by simply visiting their website.

Custom Illustration

Irwin wanted us to create a custom illustration of their manufacturing building that used to be located in Liberty Village. This building is now the Toy Factory lofts. We created a whimsical scene, with a blue sky and white fluffy clouds and the Toronto skyline in the background.

This illustration is featured on the homepage of the website in a prominent way. The intention is to engage the end-user immediately by captivating them and driving them down the page to see the featured showcased products. The client was extremely pleased with the illustration.