Looking for a way to post Toronto Real Estate listings (TREB IDX) on your site?

Greetings! Are you a real estate agent, or a web designer working to develop a dynamic site that automatically pulls TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) listings (or TREB IDX) from their database (with their permission of course) and import it dynamically into the site as a regular daily job? We have been working hard to produce a Python based solution to automatically download listing data, get listing photos, and import it into a content management system all automatically! It is fully customizable to import whatever types of listings you desire. Stay tuned and we will be posting an update to this blog very soon with all the detailed information. UPDATE 07/16/2013 Please check out this post to see our latest update on WordPress TREB integration!

Shift8 : Toronto Web Design Company Site Redesign!

Hello There! We are very excited about the launch of our newly minted, fresh off the presses, front facing company website! We thought we would post here about it as well to let you all know that the new site has been launched and you should definitely check it out! We are very proud of it. New Shift8 Website!

New Shift8 Toronto Web Design Blog!

Hello there! We at Shift8 Web Design have decided to create a blog! Here you will find new ideas, experiences and everything relating to the Toronto Web Design community.   Stay tuned!

What Does Shift*8 Offer?

We know that all great design starts out with a great idea. Like any creative practice. A website, a business card, a newsletter, or any piece of promotional material starts out with great branding. The branding is what will make your company stand out from your competitors. We have a passion for producing the most creative logos and colour schemes. Something that can define your business, in a momentary gaze. Clients approach us at times with a small inclination of what they want, and others have no idea. We are happy to work with you whatever the circumstances are. The process of working with a truly committed designer, who has your best interests in mind is a rewarding experience. The outcome will be something that you can be proud of, it will give you a true sense of identity. We are very skilled at giving you a real presence on […]