How to speed up drupal : Clean up base64 encoded images

Hello! Recently we experienced a severe slowdown bottleneck with a Drupal site. After some debugging we decided to turn on mysql slow query logging. After watching the logs we noticed that while the content page was loading in Drupal’s administration back-end there was extremely long scrolling of encoded binary data : INSERT INTO cache_form (cid, serialized, created, expire, data) VALUES (‘form_state_form-xHslzQjLR4W0RX16BL5bG-7K9ewYMiSpj7n-tt7-MBA’, ‘1’, ‘1468987323’, ‘1469008923’, ‘ The scrolling was endless! Even though the content list view in Drupal paginates after displaying about 40-50 nodes, loading these data blobs for every node caused the page load time to take 2-3 minutes! Sometimes it even just timed out and failed with an error. This behavior would be dependent on the php.ini execution time settings and perhaps php-fpm configuration directives for memory allocation and whatnot. Whats worse, when this was happening, all other actions on the server were impossible to complete. This is because […]