Detect browser type or device type and assign custom CSS in WordPress

Howdy! With the advent of responsive web design in recent years, developing “mobile only” websites has somewhat become a thing of the past. That is to say we no longer need to maintain a separate version of a website for mobile devices as we once did. All that said, it is sometimes necessary to address things on specific devices or specific browsers. A potential scenario could be that a particular jquery plugin, sticky header menu or HTML form may not work in Safari (for example) where it works fine in IE, FireFox and Chrome. There are quite a lot of differences between all the major browsers that any web developer or web designer should be aware of. A scenario we recently had to deal with here @ Shift8 was a particular WordPress sticky / fixed header menu that was overlapping content only on iPhone devices using Safari. A user on […]

Convert text to an image with Javascript and HTML5

Hello! Working with frameworks like Django and with CMS’ like Drupal and WordPress we come across a wide variety of requirements for manipulating, sanitizing and importing data from all different sources and formats. Recently we had the requirement to take a text field that was defined in a Django model and convert that text string to an image. There are many reasons for this type of requirement. You could argue that this requirement would be the first (of many) steps towards implementing your own custom captcha solution. Well we did some research and found some solutions out there and implemented it our self in Django and we thought we’d share here as well! I’ll go through each of the components necessary to implement this. This type of implementation can very easily be integrated into WordPress or Drupal through a custom module or custom plugin or function perhaps. Additionally you can […]

TREB IDX WordPress Integration with Python : Integrate WordPress and TREB real estate listings!

TREB WordPress Integration with our open source python solution We know that some of you are definitely looking forward to the release of this integrated system that has been promised quite a while ago. Well the time has come for us to release the open source Python code that seamlessly does the following : Download TREB listing data straight from the source Filters data based on a number of adjustable filtration parameters (i.e. Minimum listing price) Download TREB listing photos straight from the source Integrate and format data via a 100% adjustable listing template Import listings straight into wordpress Marks existing listings as sold if the data reflects it from TREB Being able to utilize this script on your server assumes the following : You have root access to your server You are on a Unix or Linux based server (Should work in Windows, but untested) You already have signed […]

Why using Flash media on your site is bad

Hello! I realize that its 2013 and the flash media debate is pretty much a peripheral debate at this point. Being in the web design industry, it is still a common occurrence to be presented with a job or project that requires migrating a corporate website away from the dependance of static flash media. There’s a few things to consider when thinking about the negative impact flash can have on your site, all of which I would consider to be equally relevant : Audience In the last 10-15 years, the number of different devices that have connected to the internet has grown exponentially. One of the largest directions the mobile device and mobile operating system development has taken is to strip out any support for flash media on the mobile platform in general. This can be typically justified by the additional processing power that is required to render and interact […]